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Monique welcoming customers

Are you looking for high quality services, with short communication lines and time-to-results? We are happy to offer you analytical services, research and consultancy in mass spectrometry for pharma and life sciences.

With a unique background as PhD in Pharmacy and Chemistry, we have a broad knowledge in the analysis of molecules, ranging from small organic molecules to large proteins such as therapeutic antibodies.

Our expertise is the analysis of protein glycosylation and the building blocks thereof, which are nucleotide sugars. For more information, please go to our Services or feel free to contact us by email:


Compound & Protein Characterization

In view of protein glycosylation, other post-translational modifications (PTMs), antibody-drug ratio, (im)purity or mass confirmation.

Bio-analyses, or Pharmacokinetics in plasma

We are experienced in analysis of target compounds in complex biological matrices such as blood, plasma, serum, urine, CSF, cells and tissues. It requires specialized sample preparations to prepare the samples for MS analysis. Pharmacokinetic modelling can be done upon request by our bioinformatician and data scientist.


Specialized in intracellular (sugar) metabolism, targeted metabolomics and N-glycan profiling. Our GLYSEC platform enables the analysis of cell surface glycosylation.

All our services


GlycoMScan provides contract research and preclinical analytical services for pharma, biotech and life sciences companies. The company started in April 2018 with preclinical analyses of nucleotide sugars for a start-up pharmaceutical company in San Francisco (US), to aim for the first medicine for the rare disorder PMM2-CDG, a congenital disorder of glycosylation. Within a short time, the number of customers increased from 1 to >20.

Our Amazing Team

Mischa Vreeburg


Using the insights gained by my academic background in chemistry and experiences in several laboratories (among which Roche Diagnostics and Netherlands Vaccin Institute), I moved into laboratory software development, which combines my favourite fields. Not only in laboratories, I'm also asked outside the field to work on full-stack software development. With an official Microsoft certificate (MCSA) I'm specialized in .NET software development, ASP.NET, dotNET Core, SQL and Azure. As fractional CTO for GlycoMScan, I am responsible for the complete IT Ops, including infrastructure, cyber security, data safety and storage, report automation, and the website. We are ISO 27001 compliant. 

Monique van Scherpenzeel

CEO & founder

I switched my career from assistant professor in Clinical Glycomics at Radboud UMC to start my own business, which arose from the research of my personal NWO-Veni grant. I believe that there is a market to apply the analytical methods that I developed into biotechnology and for the development of medication for PMM2-CDG, a subgroup of the rare disorders I was doing research on in Nijmegen. I decided to settle in Pivot Park, since I knew the site from my time at Organon from 2003 to 2004, which I enjoyed a lot. It is the perfect place to assist the community with analyses of their products. Together with Mischa, Fleur, our business partners for specialized data analyses, accountant, legal and business developer, we are able to offer you a variety of analyses. My ambition is to provide high quality service and data, share my knowledge with you to help you succeed in your projects. I like the contacts with you and to practice my expertise in analytical chemistry. 

Fleur Kalberg

Research assistant

In October 2023, I joined GlycoMscan after completing my master’s degree in Medical Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven. During my master’s, I specialized in analytical chemistry through multiple courses and a project with liquid chromatography coupled to the Orbitrap for high-resolution mass spectrometry. Programming, modeling, and coding were essential for biomedical applications and data analyses during my studies. In GlycoMScan, I hope to apply this knowledge to speed up the workflow and help more companies with questions that comprise large data sets. Besides the processing parts, I will contribute to the sample preparation and LC-MS/MS services that GlycoMScan offers.  

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