About GlycoMScan

GlycoMScan provides contract research and preclinical analytical services for pharma, biotech and life sciences companies. We are specialized in mass spectrometry and have a background in protein and glycosylation analyses, especially in the building blocks thereof which are present in the intracellular metabolism. The company started in April 2018 with preclinical analyses of nucleotide sugars for a start-up pharmaceutical company in San Francisco (US), to aim for the first medicine for the rare disorder PMM2-CDG, a congenital disorder of glycosylation. Within a short time, the number of customers increased from 1 to >20.

About Monique

I switched my career from assistant professor in Clinical Glycomics at Radboud UMC to start my own business, which arose from the research of my personal NWO-Veni grant. I believe that there is a market to apply the analytical methods that I developed into biotechnology and for the development of medication for PMM2-CDG, a subgroup of the rare disorders I was doing research on in Nijmegen. I decided to settle in Pivot Park, since I knew the site from my time at Organon from 2003 to 2004, which I enjoyed a lot. It is the perfect place to assist the community with analyses of their products. Together with my business partners for specialized data analysis and my husband with his company CastellIT, who takes care of the data-storage, report automation and ICT infrastructure, we are able to offer you a variety of analyses. My ambition is to provide high quality service and data, share my knowledge with you to help you succeed in your projects. I like the contacts with you and to practice my expertise in analytical chemistry.

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