About GlycoMScan

GlycoMScan provides contract research and preclinical analytical services for pharma, biotech and life sciences companies. We are specialized in mass spectrometry and have a background in protein and glycosylation analyses, especially in the building blocks thereof which are present in the intracellular metabolism. The company started in April 2018 with preclinical analyses of nucleotide sugars for a start-up pharmaceutical company in San Francisco (US), to aim for the first medicine for the rare disorder PMM2-CDG, a congenital disorder of glycosylation. Within a short time, the number of customers increased from 1 to >20.

GlycoMScan’s mission & vision

At GlycoMScan, our mission is to deliver high quality data to our clients on time. We are dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of our analyses to enhance diagnostic accuracy, therapeutic development, and personalized medicine. Through innovative research, precision analytics, and strategic collaborations, we strive to empower our clients with the tools they need to deliver tailored treatments and improve patient outcomes worldwide."

"Our vision at GlycoMScan is to improve healthcare through cutting-edge glycomics technology, driving transformative advancements in healthcare and biotechnology. We envision a future where glycan analysis is seamlessly integrated into (pre-)clinical research and development, enabling improved therapies. By providing our customers with high quality data and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence, we aspire to make an impact on human health."


GlycoMScan has been pivotal to our R&D since the company is established, offering the most comprehensive and flexible support in sugar metabolism analysis. Their tailored mass spectrometry services have greatly accelerated our projects, delivering exceptional quality that drives our research forward.” – Teppei Shirakura, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Glycomine Inc.

GlycoMScan determined the drug to antibody ratio of several of our degrader-antibody conjugates. We were impressed by the professional skill of Monique, the data quality and the rapid turn around time.” – Joost Uitdehaag, Ph.D., Head of Biology, Crossfire Oncology

Moniques strong biochemical and chemistry background greatly assisted the rapid development of new analytical methods for our project. Moreover, her ability to come up with out-of-the-box ideas aided the analysis of difficult LC-MS/MS samples.” – Tom Schirris, Ph.D., CEO & Owner of QTM BioSciences, European registered Pharmacologist & Toxicologist