NVWA accreditation 

GlycoMScan obtained the official Article 17 accreditation from the NVWA with number 219393, to work with biological materials for research and diagnostics on April 16th 2019.

Interviewed by science journalists – February ’19:

“I love to get my hands dirty in the lab”.

Monique van Scherpenzeel (1981) exchanged the University for the Business world. In April 2018 she started her own company, GlycoMScan, providing mass spectrometry services to pharmaceutical companies: she performs measurements and advises on formulating research questions.

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GlycoMScan exhibition on GlycoBioTec2019 in Berlin

January 28-30th 2019: GlycoMScan exhibited on conference GlycoBioTec in Berlin at the Max Planck Institute, which resulted in new customers and an European grant proposal: https://www.mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de/glycobiotec2019

First employee started

First employee started at GlycoMScan in January 2019. She is an highly experienced LC-MS research technician. 

HAN Student Analytical Chemistry

HAN Student Analytical Chemistry performed successfully a research minor project.

You need to analyze small molecules?

24 September 2018: GlycoMScan B.V. presents a brand new 6125 HPLC-DAD-MSD instrument for your needs in analysis of small molecules. It is broadly applicable, e.g. for purity analysis, qualitative analyses of reaction mixtures, or to develop new chromatography methods. The instrument is equipped with a binary pump, a diode-array detector and a mass spectrometry detector for positive and negative mode. After instruction, you are welcome to use the instrument. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested!

open shop Agilent LC-MSD
Agilent 6125 LC-DAD-MSD

Welcome reception & opening on June 20th:

New at Pivot Park – GlycoMScan B.V.

Recently GlycoMScan has opened their company’s doors in the van Leeuwenhoek building’s basement. GlycoMScan offers services in mass spectrometry, from screening of small molecules to absolute quantification in complex biological matrices. “As the name suggests, I am specialized in analyses of glycosylation and the building blocks thereof, the nucleotide sugars and phosphorylated sugars from intracellular metabolism,” says Monique van Scherpenzeel, GlycoMScan’s CEO. ”I chose Pivot Park because of the inspiring atmosphere of (start-up) companies in pharma and life sciences, the good quality laboratory facilities and the opportunity for me and my company to serve your R&D with my services in mass spectrometry.” Interested in learning more? Visit Monique’s ‘Welcome to Pivot Park Drinks & Labtour’ on Wednesday June 20th.

The UHPLC-QqQ arrives (May 2018)!

Agilent 1290-6490 UHPLC-QqQ for sensitive detection and quantification of small molecules in biological samples
Agilent 1290-6490 UHPLC-QqQ

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